Top 10 Best Technical Colleges in Durban (2022)


Technical training forms the backbone of any society, as this is where craftsmanship and technocrats spring forth. The vision of most, if not all technical schools is to equip young men and women with raw technical skills that will allow them to become artisans in any industry.

Artisans are at the foundational building blocks of most industries as they are the ones with the technical know-how of the entire process. When not in an industrial setting, artisans can also thrive on their own as freelancers.

To that end, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the 10 best technical colleges in Durban to help those in search of a great technical college to attend. The list is in no order of superiority but simply borne out of a couple of factors that quality each school listed. Follow along now!

These are the 10 Best Technical Colleges In Durban.

1. Damelin College

Damelin College offers one of the best training to students in the vocational space and equips with the right technical skills to take on the labour market upon graduation. The school provides a highly serene environment that makes learning experience for students fun and collaborative. At Damelin College, students are not only thought technical skills, but they are trained to become be outstanding craftsmen that are able to stand apart from the lot wherever they find themselves.

This is why graduates from Damelin College never have a hard time finding jobs when they graduate. The school offers great courses in Further Education and Training as well as Higher Education and Training programs

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3. Innovatus FET College

Innovatus FET College is a premium technical college that offers students quality training in different crafts and vocations. Its core mission is to provide students with the right technical education with which they impact their communities with.

Courses offered at Innovatus FET College are accredited and recognised by relevant bodies in South Africa. The school has some of the most qualified and highly professional tutors in the technical space, which is why students from far and wide flock in to gain from the wealth of knowledge this school has to offer.  

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4. iStudent Academy

iStudent Academy was founded 21 years ago in 1999 with a mission to equip students with quality technical training in ICT. The school is owned and managed by Think360 Group, a company that specializes in providing cutting egde IT solutions. iStudent Academy has some of the best highly trained tutors that focus on preparing students for a tough labour market that only accepts the best.

One way they have achieved this is through a student-centered approach which ensures that each student is not only learning but participating in a specialized training makes use of advanced technological tools and practicals. iStudent Academy places great emphasis on real-life application to make students have a first-hand feel of what to expect in the real world.

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5. ETC-DURBAN Electrical Training Centre

When you talk about highly specialized training institutes in the city of Durban, the ETC-DURBAN Electrical Training Centre is what readily comes to mind. The school specializes in offering quality training in Electrical contracting, wiring and implementation for the building construction industry. The school was founded over fifty years ago and has produced some of the best trained technicians and professionals in the electrical field.about:blank

At ETC-DURBAN Electrical Training Centre, excellence is the watch word. Attention to detail is also what makes this school stand out – with its small class sizes and balanced student-to-teacher ratio which ensures personalized interaction.

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6. The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design Durban

The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design Durban is a prestigious craft school that specializes in arts and design. The school was established in 1994 with a mission to give students elite training in the field of arts.  These fields of specialty include painting, industrial design, sculpture making, portraiture, cartoons etc. The core vision of The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design is to develop great artists that can express themselves, popular culture and life in general through arts and design.

This in its opinion, is where the very essence of living is born. The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design Durban delivers on the finesse and class and its graduates go out into the world where they perform excellently.

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7. Thekwini Fet College Umbilo

Thekwini Fet College Umbilo is one of the few great technical colleges in Durban that offer qualitative technical training to students looking to become artisans in any chosen craft. The school has achieved a high level of excellence in education, making use of cutting-edge tools to train and equip students for successful careers.

Thekwini Fet College Umbilo has one of the finest training facilities in the region and make sure they achieve a standard that is acceptable in the labour market. Graduates from Thekwini Fet College Umbilo are highly sought after for their wealth of knowledge in their specific vocations. In short words, you are simply guaranteed of the best when you enroll at this school.

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8. Lyceum Correspondence College

Lyceum Correspondence College is a technical school that specializes in logistics training in courses such as Traffic and Transport Management, Freight management and Logistics etc. The school has some of the best tutors in the field that give students real-life training to become leaders in the transport space. Lyceum Correspondence College has a robust curriculum that offers both cutting edge technical and business solutions to its students.

The school also operates a great program that allows students to learn at their own pace and from any location. The academic content is thus up to date with the latest industry news and demands. Student feedback and support comes directly from these professionals, ensuring that each student is thoroughly prepared for the working environment by the end of their distance learning experience.

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9. ICESA City Campus

This is a privately-owned technical institute that was borne out of the need to equip students with the right training to become technocrats in a wide range of industries. These industries include anything from fashion to business. ICESA City Campus has a rich syllabus that is designed to build students into valuable craftsmen that go on to become productive contributors in the labor market.

The school registered under the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and has accreditation from relevant bodies.

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10. Oval International Durban

At Oval International, students are assured of the best trainings that get them prepared to become captains of industries in any discipline. It is one of the very first private specialized colleges established in the country. The school boasts of a rich plethora of seasoned professionals and academicians from the country and the continent at large.

Students who graduate from this school occupy some of most sensitive positions in the city of Durban and South Africa as a whole. This is a testament to why people flock in from all over the country to get the kind of education that only Oval International can offer.

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We hope you this list helpful?

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best technical colleges in Durban:

  1. Damelin College
  2. Innovatus FET College
  3. iStudent Academy
  4. ETC-DURBAN Electrical Training Centre
  5. The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design Durban
  6. Thekwini Fet College Umbilo
  7. Lyceum Correspondence College
  8. ICESA City Campus
  9. Oval International Durban

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