How To Calculate UNIMED Aggregate Score for Admission


This is how to calculate University of Medical Sciences, Ondo (UNIMED) aggregate score and know your admission chances:

I am sure you will be very excited if you can know your admission chances even before waiting for admission list to be released.

Of course, As a Candidates that have applied for admission in the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo (UNIMED), It will be of advantage to you can Calculate your Aggregate Scores and know your admission chances.

On this page, you be guided on how to calculate UNIMED Aggregate Scores to know if your admission chances of being admitted in UNIMED is sure.

Below are the steps on how to calculate UNIMED Aggregate score and admission chances in 2022/2023.

How to Calculate UNIMED Aggregate Scores (Admission Chances)

Well, there is no exact formula to use when calculating Post UTME Score. Some institutions do not make their calculation open. Perhaps, the reason is that there are many considerations and factors that influence how Post UTME score is calculated.

But we have made an attempt and arrive at a very accurate way that you can use to calculate your admission chances using your JAMB Score and POST UTME Result. To make this calculation accurate, we have to consider how Jamb relate to Nigeria Army University Admission process.

How Does Your JAMB Score Contributes to Your UNIMED Admission Chances

The Post JAMB Exam that is popularly known as Post UTME is usually conducted by individual higher Institutions in Nigeria. This school combine candidate’s JAMB Score, their O’level result and other necessary requirements to calculate and arrive at the candidates that are qualified for admission.

Universities, Polytechnics, and even colleges are allowed to conduct Post JAMB screenings for prospective undergraduate students into their respective institutions.

However, these Institutions must on their own plan and organised for their Post UTME registrations, conduct examinations, release results and many other essential requirements for the smooth conduct of the screening. It is also good to know that it is not all Universities, Polytechnics, and even colleges that do write Exam in their POST UTME exercise.

The cost of registering for Post UTME varies from one institution to the other. But recently, due to some interventions from the Federal Government, the charges for the screening is kept at N2,500 Naira.

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How To Calculate UNIMED Post UTME Aggregate Score

For example, in order to calculate your UNIMED Post UTME aggregate score, the formula purportedly adopted by the institution is the summing up of your UTME (JAMB) SCORE divided by 8 and your POST UTME SCORE divided by Your Jamb score is allocated 50%, Your O’level is 20% and your post-ume is 30%.

First Factor: JAMB Score

Maximum score under JAMB is 400.To prorate to 50% your Jamb score will be divided by 8 (400/50

Second Factor: O’level (WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB)

O level is calculated using the 5 core subjects(core to the course you wish to study as decided by the University) as follows:

  • A1 – 6 points
  • B2 – 5 points
  • B3 – 4 points
  • C4 – 3 points
  • C5 – 2 points
  • C6 – 1 points

And maximum is 30 points. The total points is then prorated to 20 through multiplication by 2/3.

Third Factor: POST-UTME

Here is the score many candidates seem to find rather confusing. Some complain of having a higher score in the POST-UTME than university cut-off points without being admitted. But what they must understand is that even if they score 100% in that exam it amounts only to 30% of the cut-off point. So their Post -Utme score is usually prorated to 30 marks using 0.3 as the multiplier

For Example: If a candidate had 202 in Jamb and his O level goes Like this: Maths-B3, Chemistry-C4, Biology- B2, English- C5, Physics-C6, Economic-B3, Geography-A1 and had 58% in the post utme. The he can calculate his composite, by following the format below:

Jamb score divided by 8 i.e 202/8=25.25

For the O level, only 5 subjects (math, english, chemistry, biology, and physics) are needed. There he has Math – B3 – 4 points, English – C5 – 2 point,Chemistry – C4 – 3 points,Biology – B2 – 5 points, Physics – C6 – 1 point Total gross points for O level= 4+2+3+5+1=15.  This score is then multiplied by 2/3 i.e 15 x 2/3=10. His post utme score is allocated 30% and is multiplied by 0.3. i.e 58 x 0.3=17.4

Therefore, the candidates’ composite is the sum of these 3 scores i.e Jamb+O’level+post utme. That is 25.25+10+17.4=5 2.65 Hence, the candidate’s composite is 52.65.

Now note the 5-point gap between the composite total and what he scored in the post-utme. That 5-point gap may result in not being granted admission! Okay?

Pls NOTE that 100% used above may be equivalent to 100,200 or 400 marks in different universities

Second Method To know your UNIMED Post UTME Aggregate score and chances of Admission:

Example 2:

If you scored 290 in UTME (JAMB) and went on to score 70 in POST UTME, your aggregate score will be calculated as follows:

UTME Score = 290/8 =36.25

Post UTME Score = 70/2 =35

Your Aggregate Score =36.25 + 35 =71.25%

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Hope you can now calculate your UNIMED Aggregate Scores and know your admission chances? Please SHARE this with your friends and make sure you leave feedback and your thought on this in the comment box to below to let us know your concern on this.

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